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Hive Solar offers various kinds solar equipments including panels and batteries across the counter. Also do provide, a complete design and installation solution for both Off-grid and grid based solar electric (PV)  systems. We also provide same day installation support for Standalone Inverters , Online UPS and Servo controlled Voltage Transformers

         Our team includes all the necessary experts including trained solar installers and certified electricians. We also provide Free technical advice to our dealers and resellers on choosing the right system. We even help our customers and students with DIY Projects. We have a dedicated ON CALL Service team to cater to our Dealers as well as our customers 


We make sure your home solar electric or photovoltaic (PV) system is sized, sited, installed, and maintained correctly to ensure maximium energy performance.


While installing a PV system, we consider the following 


  • Access to Shade free area

  • Angle of Inclination of Panels.

  • Type of Support Structure.

  • System Sizing 

  • Whether you want your system to be connected to the grid or not.

  • System Earthing and Lightning protection


Hive Solar employ use of  Schneider Conext PV Designer Software to accurately size the components of your solar electric or PV system, ensuring that the system works in the most optimal manner. The Software assists with :

  • Help on data for optimal PV tilt angle based on Solar isolation.

  • Optimal Cable Sizing and based on distance of draw between panel and Power Units.

  • Optimal PV Sting configuartion

  • Provides data on Panel performance subjected to Temp variations

  • Projects yearly avarage energy Generation .

Along with the above a 3D rendered version of the Panel Structure is provided to help customers/Architects previsualize and suggest necessary changes etc even before the actual installtion , hence cut down on expensive post installation modification.


Before selecting Power systems like Inverters/UPS or sizing a PV system for an existing home/Office etc. We make sure to evaluate your energy consumption and usage pattern and provide a detail chart on ways to reduce your electricity consumption. 


We use wireless Data Loggers (Efergy) and Fluke Power analysers to Monitor Consumtion and line distortions.


We start by performing a load analysis, which includes these tasks:

  • Looking at your utility bills over the past year

  • Calculating energy consumption

  • Recognizing daily consumption trends and recommending best practises

  • Indentifying equipments with poor effeciency and suggesting alternatives

  • For Grid connected systems , identify Line harmonics issues and recommend ideal systems that may handle the distortion.


The yearly maintenance plan is a cost effective solution to prolong the life of your solar system UPS/Inverters, keep it performing at its highest rate, and reduces the risk of failure of various components, whether the components are under warranty or not. 


Throughout the Term, Hive Solar shall provide the following services:


  • Free inspection, cleaning, and maintenance if required, of the UPS , Inverter , battery and associated components three times a year

  • Replacement of safety Components 

  • Battery water top Up

  • Assist in Replacement of Components

  • Special discounted rates offered for replacement of components not covered under Warranty

  • Buy back , exchange or upgrade options at discounted prices can be availed during the period of Cover.


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