SOURA Subsidy Scheme

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About the Programme

         The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) aims to set up 38 GW of rooftop solar PV projects in the second phase of its ambitious grid-connected rooftop solar photovoltaic programme.  In line with the phase II subsidy program of MNRE and with the approval of state government, KSEB initiates a subsidy program for their domestic consumers. In this subsidy initiative, KSEB introduce three special models (Kerala models) apart from the normal subsidy model. All three Kerala models are based on the average consumption of the consumer and it aims to give financial support to the weaker section there by making them green energy partner of the state. 


         Consumers can express their interest for installation in any of these models now. Since Kerala has been alloted 50 MW under this scheme, we will be closing this scheme once KSEB receive 75,000 applications.

          As Part of the Implementation effort . KSEB has Empanelled Integration Agencies for the commissioning of the Selected plants in Kerala .

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Empanelled Partner

          HIVE SOLAR has been awarded as Empanelled partner for execution of projects in Kerala upto a Total Capacity of 1MW installation for capacities ranging from 4KW to 10KW.

If consumer wishes to install the plant investing the whole amount less subsidy, they can choose this option. The consumer will be eligible to consume entire energy generated from the Solar plant . Consumer can claim upto 40% of the plant cost as subsidy based on your plant Capacity



Plant capacity

Minimum plant Capacity: 2 KW



Maintenance of the plant for 5 years will be done by KSEBL .



You can Claim upto 40% of the Plant cost as subsidy based on you solar plant capacity.


Normal Subsidy 




Plant capacity - Upto 3 Kw

Subsidy (% of cost *)




Plant capacity - 4 to 10 Kw

Subsidy (% of cost *)

40% for first 3 Kw

20% for each additional Kwp



Plant capacity - Above 10 Kw

Subsidy (% of cost *)

26% upto 10 Kw

0% for higher capacity

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