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The Solar Ready UPS - Rated AC power: 850VA, 12V

NXG range is a hybrid UPS range that intelligently uses grid and solar power. With ability to operate in a wide voltage range, NXG is the ideal starter solar solution for homes. Available from 300VA to 1500VA.



Solar Hybrid UPS with inbuilt charge controllers are perfect choice for harnessing solar powers from panels to drive your household electrical loads.

  •  Intelligent Solar Optimisation Technology - Maximises use of solar energy, charges from mains when required, saves 1.5-3 units per day
  • Pure sine wave UPS with 85% efficiency
  • Inbuilt charge controller for fast charging of batteries on solar
  • Battery type selector to configure charging currents as per connected battery


ISOT Technology

NXG Solar UPS uses Intelligent Solar Optimization Technique (ISOT). Once the batteries get charged, it cuts off grid power and supplies electricity through solar panels thus maximizing solar energy usage. This helps you save up to 3 units of electricity per day. Substantial money savings in the long run.


Fast charging through i-Charge Technology

If there are long power cuts in your area, you can use the i-charge fast charging mode for charging batteries in a short time when grid power is available. 


ECO and UPS mode

The NXG Solar UPS can run on two modes - UPS and ECO mode. UPS mode should be selected when the user wants to run computers. In the UPS mode, the system switches to battery backup if the mains voltage drops below 180 V.


Safety and Protection

Luminous NXG comes with many safety features built in. It continuously monitors the health of your batteries and protects them against deep discharge, overcharge and short-circuit. The Main fuse protects against excessive current thereby protecting your sensitive appliances.


Pure Sine Wave

Its pure sine wave output ensures safety and noiseless operation of connected appliances.



  • Capacity (VA): 850VA
  • Operating Voltage 90V-290V
  • Max supported panel power: 12V upto 850 Wp
  • Charge Controller Rating - 50 Amp
  • Supports single battery
  • 24 Month Warranty
  • BIS certified as per IS/IEC standards which is mandatory for all solar inverters
  • 3 User Settable Saving Modes: Solar Mode, Solar+Grid Mode and Grid+Solar Mode
  • Power savings of 1.5 - 3 units per day* with the help of Intelligent Solar Optimization Technique (iSOT).
  • Max Capacity Utilization: Connect Solar Panels equivalent to Solar Inverter’s VA ratings.
  • Powerful charging even at low voltage (90V) making it ideal for areas having low voltage issues.
  • Pure Sine wave output for safety of your sensitive appliances and noiseless operations.
  • Safe for your family and appliances: Short-circuit protection, Over temperature protection, Overload protection, No load shutdown.
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